Our Mission is to meet the financial objectives of our clients through innovative wealth management solutions that are flexible, pro-active and uncomplicated. We do this through due diligence and a level of integrity that is uncommon amongst our peers.

Why Choose Imperius Asset Management

There are many wealth management companies that would like to help you, so why choose us? We hope that this will become obvious the more you get to know us, but some of the things that we feel are important for you to consider are:

  • We are Regulated and Compliant wherever we work;
  • We are a Founding Member of FEIFA (Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers);
  • We are Qualified and Competent;

We have developed relationships with expert investment advisers, (Nova Group), specialist pensions advisers and market-leading international providers to ensure that you get the best advice and products. We hope that you can see that we have invested in our own organisation so that we can provide a first-class range of services and products for you.

Taking an uncommon approach to Asset Management

We are an independent organisation consisting of experienced and successful professionals who take pride in looking beyond investment to provide a truly unique service for our clients. One that is open, straightforward, proven and delivers real added value.

International expertise

We have over 30 years of specialist experience in integrated financial solutions, providing for those living and working overseas. We realise that no two individuals are the same, which is why we take the time to invest in you wherever you are in the world. By gaining a better understanding of your life ambitions and wealth aspirations, we can make insightful decisions that can help you create the wealth you desire.

We see opportunities where others fail to look

Our uncommon approach to managing assets and protecting wealth is integral to the way in which we work with clients. We take a responsible and more accountable attitude with your portfolio to deliver a better quality of service to ensure that your investment strategy continues to meet the financial objectives agreed at the outset.

Our fresh thinking delivers more stimulating portfolios

At Imperius, our independent status and unbiased approach means that we are free to source, recommend and manage products that diversify your asset allocation and have real potential to generate wealth. Our long history of creating strong, well-balanced portfolios that deliver superior returns has come from building professional partnerships with the best research organisations and fund providers in the world.


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