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Whether it’s the outdoors lifestyle, the sports mad culture or just the better coffee – it’s easy to understand why so many Irish expats fall in love with life down under. In fact, over the past decade over 24,000 of us have gained Australian citizenship, with hundreds of us pledging allegiance on Australia Day itself.

Many expats view Australia as a great place to raise children and a place to benefit from the great work to live culture, but never see it as home. For some of us however, building a life in Australia carries longer-term hopes and dreams. Achieving early retirement in the Aussie sunshine is one such common goal. Knowing how to arrive at financial freedom as effectively as possible is not always straight forward however. 

SEEKING TO LIVE OUT THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM? For those of us looking to optimise our retirement planning down under, it is key to know the financial solutions available to us. Did you know, for example, that by transferring your UK and Irish pension as an expat in Australia you can achieve, among others, the following five benefits; 

  • Enjoy access to your hard-earned savings from an earlier age, being able to draw down your assets from the age of 50
  • Avoid the threat of double taxation as well as exposure to any future levies placed upon Irish pensions
  • Upon first death, you or your spouse can attain significant tax benefits
  • Avoid being hit by 'deemed withdrawal' charges from the age of 60, which exposes you to taxation regardless of whether or not you're drawing an income from your retirement fund
  • Gain access to AUD and other currency options.


For those of you who are in fact looking at returning home there are also a number of important financial considerations you should be aware of, as your move home; 

- May affect your tax situation, your savings and your investments 

- Will likely impact your retirement planning and pension arrangements - you should find out whether you're better off making new arrangements or continue paying into your Aussie plans 

- May see you without a credit history - so it might be pragmatic to keep an offshore bank account open 

- Implications on your expat or Australian mortgage which can vary depending on if you're looking to release equity, sell, rent out or buy - speak to an advisor to discuss your options  

- Find out the foreign exchange solutions available to you if you're planning to repatriate some or all of your Aussie generated wealth.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR route to financial freedom TODAY!

 Whether you're looking to return to Ireland or stay in Australia for good, savvy financial planning goes hand-in-hand with effective financial planning. The good news is that our dual-qualified (in Australia AND Ireland) advisors can help you optimise the management of your assets to better meet your individual financial ambitions. They can help you achieve closer management of your money, ensuring that your assets are optimally placed based on your individual financial needs and risk profile. 

To help streamline your path to financial freedom and gain answers to those niggly retirement questions – such as, how you can improve the return from transferring your Irish or UK pensions? Or how you can reduce your international tax exposure? – simply fill your details out below to receive a callback from one of our advisors.

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